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Food/Meat Processing
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Cut up Chicken, turkey, duck, fish, and rabbit all day with the Biro BCC-100 Poultry Cutter. The special 9" cutting blade lets you cut pieces accurately while providing minimal tearing of the skin.

The Biro F2000 Food/Patty Forming Machine is designed for production of a wide variety of Meat and Food Forming products, with a production speed capability of 2000 to 4000 formed products per hour.

The Biro F4000 Food/Patty Forming Machine shown with optional conveyor and accessories has a production capability of 4000 formed products per hour. For your Bakery/Cookie applications, refer to the Biro Model B1200. The unique compact design of our forming machines provide uniform production with accurate portion and weight control.

The Biro Model FBC-4800 can chip (reduce) a tempered frozen 60 lb. meat block in less than 60 seconds. A real labor saver.

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